Quick Body Snap Shot

2018 hasn’t been a great year for me; nothing drastic has made it terrible in any way but I’ve struggled with things over the last 12 months that took a toll on my body and health.

The one thing that I’m coming out of this year with, though, is a better sense of self and body image. Yep, harping on about body image again so if this isn’t your fave topic or doesn’t apply to your life you can skip, don’t worry.

You see, this year I’ve taken more pictures of myself. Taken more selfies and outfit posts – which is something I wanted to do but was always *afraid* to do because of other people’s opinions. This year I totally got over it. I’m proud to say I like taking pictures of my stupid face because it really amuses me. I like taking outfit pictures; not because I dress well but because I like seeing the whole of me.

outfit outfit outfit outfit purple hair

purple hair purple hair

I think we kind of get used to looking at other people’s bodies and then looking at our own in distorted mirrors from all sorts of crazy angles can make us feel weird and uncomfortable when we see full length images from further afield (say, at a party or just a candid snap shot someone else takes). I challenge anyone who thinks ‘I hate my body’ to just start setting up their camera or phone and taking pictures of yourself. Look at your body from different angles. Look at the good angles. Look at the bad ones. Decide there are no real bad angles and move on!

I honestly don’t care that my tummy isn’t flat; it used to really bother me but now I just pat it and say ‘good tummy’ because I like to eat food and my tum is where it goes, ok?

This might be the last body image post of the year so… onto next year!! 😛



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