My favourite body-positive accounts

Hello! Welcome back! It’s been about two months since I blogged – the break was intentional because October and November are typically insane months for me and this year so no different. At all.

With December being the month I try to chill out and do nothing I figured why not pick up the blog and dust it off. I’ve been making a list of all the topics I want to cover and that list is long it’s also filling me with all the fun inspiration one needs to write so *celebratory dance*.

Today I’m talking about my favourite body positive creators online at the moment. I actually blogged about this before but with Christmas coming up and all the eating I figured it was a good time to remind people that you are allowed to eat food and, gasp, put on weight, and, gasp, not hate yourself for it.

This list is constantly changing and growing but, right now, these ladies* are making my instafeed a happy place, which is always good.


1. Essie Dennis (aka: Khal_Essie) – Essie is a super cool, incredibly smart, woman who is in recovery for her eating disorder. She posts images of herself clothed, unclothed, with makeup and without makeup. She’s an advocate for showing herself for exactly who she is and she’s also, like, really really clever.

10.13.19 (1)

2. Kenzi Brenna – can be found here on instagram and she’s a voice online that I gravitate towards. She posts pictures of herself being fabulous and beautiful and she’s one of those people who opens up in her comments section; she’s brutally honest about everything to do with life and touches on every topic that takes her fancy with a thoughtful and open mind. I love reading her comments section because it’s a great place to find other like-minded individuals.

10.13.19 (2)

3. Stef Sanjati – Stef is on instagram but I’ve followed her on youtube for a long time. She’s a trans woman who has been very open and vocal about her transition; showing herself pre and post surgery in candid detail. She’s open about her mental health and she’s also hilariously cutting and dry when it comes to humour. Honestly, if I could hang out with anyone from the internet she’d be in my top five!

10.13.19 (3).jpg

4. Liz (aka: lizwearswhat) – Liz is a blogger I stumbled upon and I always look forward to seeing her posts because she’s so… ‘normal’. I guess that sounds strange, but I look at her and I think this is just a woman who is living her life and sharing her progress with the world without having a huge platform or being a professional model or online person. I love seeing what she’s wearing and finding confidence in her posts. She’s inspiring, ok?

10.13.19 (4).jpg

5. Jessy Parr (aka: modachrome) – Show me a cooler woman… I’ll wait. Sure, she has cool coloured hair (which we all know I love) but she also has such GREAT style that I’m awfully jealous of everything she wears. You could say I have a style crush on her, totally and completely but she’s also hilarious AF.


I love what all these ladies do for just living their lives despite having this terrible affliction of being ‘different’ from beauty standards. That’s sarcasm. I love them for just being bad ass people who challenge the way we’re taught to see the world and other people.

I would hate to be a young girl growing up in these times where it’s not just magazines feeding you altered images of people it’s social media. It’s people you’re led to believe are ‘normal’ – just like YOU – who wouldn’t possibly lead you astray for $$$ selling products that don’t work because ‘they only sell things they use’. hashtageyeroll.

If you’re someone who looks at instagram or anywhere else online and sees an image of someone and it makes you feel bad about yourself ; mark it as spam. Unfollow. Tell the internet you’re not interested and start following and liking images of people who are leading us into a more positive future for our body image. You won’t regret it.

I hope you have a great holiday season and you eat without guilt. I hope you look in the mirror and like what you see and, if you don’t, you know you can change how you feel easier than you can change how you look. I hope you don’t feel the need to cut your food and work out more but I also hope that, if you are doing that, you’re doing it to feel better in yourself and not to impress other people. I can guarentee you are pretty damn rad and beautiful just as you are.

Ok. That’s enough smooshy stuff for today!



*Yes, these are all ladies. My point of view is obviously swayed that way, but if you happen to know any cool guys who post about body positivity please leave them in the comment. Also; body positivity is for everyone. It’s not just for people on the ‘plus side’ of life. It’s for every single body type, shape and colour.


3 thoughts on “My favourite body-positive accounts

    1. It’s a tough place to be, for sure. Sometimes I find myself taking in images without realising the impact they have on my mind so I’ve recently started blocking and unfollowing accounts that I’m only partially interested in and it’s so much better! X

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