Pressed Flowers for sale!

It’s been a hot minute since I blogged – why is that, you might ask? Nah, I doubt you actually asked but I’ve been busy editing and generally not doing anything so not really doing anything worthy of writing about, I guess!

This weekend, though, I have managed to be more productive than I have been for the past couple of weeks; go me! To cut a long story short I’ve finally added some framed pressed flowers to my Etsy Store!

Pressed flowers  

I’ve been busy working on branding and getting packaging stuff together for the past week – check out my cute lil business cards and stickers above. I am in love with them! I wanted to get all that boring stuff out of the way before popping the flowers in the shop but now the day is here!

There are only five listed so far but I’m going to be adding more and more as the months go on and I’m working on some Autumn themed arrangements as well as Christmas/Winter themed ones. They’re going to look great! Until then, here are my current listings if you want to check them out?

I love them all so much and, to be honest, if they didn’t sell it would be the end of the world because I would love to have them hanging on my wall! My personal faves are the yellow wild flowers and the bluebells. It’s a hard choice because both of them are so delicate and sweet!

I picked all the flowers by hand, just randomly finding them out and about. I’m temped to buy a nice bunch of flowers from a shop and press them just for the fun of it but, at the moment, finding wild flowers is much more satisfying! I know, come winter, that will change so I’m taking advantage of summer.

I feel like selling things seems kind of desperate… maybe it’s just me being judgemental of myself because when I see others selling their wares I am enthusiastic and supportive but when I do it I feel self conscious that what I’m selling is garbage. At the same time I don’t think I’m ever not working on new things and being creative so I want to benefit from that, y’know? These framed flowers might actually be one of my most fave crafting projects yet!

Check them out and if you fancy one, buy it! Or at least give my shop a follow over on Etsy because I’ll be adding WAY MORE soon!



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