Stationary love

If you follow me on Instagram or have followed this blog for a while you may know that I have a love of writing letters. Snail mail, as we now call it [hello, just regular mail], is something I’ve always found exciting – even as a kid. I love getting letters in the post and writing long hand; even if it does hurt both my wrist and my brain [I am dyslexic, particularly when it comes to writing by hand, and often write words with letters in the wrong order unless I go slow and concentrate], the actual act of writing out a letter and popping it in the post and, sometimes, getting a reply is a sweet feeling and one I wouldn’t give up for anything.

My current writing set is built up of 2 or three paper types and designs for my longer update and getting to know you letters, as well as a few different note cards for short ‘hello’s’ and ‘I’m thinking of you’s’. I love them, particularly the one I have with bugs and birds.


I won’t lie, I get the majority of my stationary from Paperchase. I am always caught off guard when I go in there for things like birthday cards and the like because I always think I won’t need to buy any more paper but… they do damn good designs, ok?

So here are my current 5 items of stationary [some for letters, some just for myself] that I want!


  1. ‘I am really organised’ dots sticky notes desk pad – You know I’m building up my new office with things I want and I’d love to have this cute lil’ list kit by my side because I currently write all my lists on my phone and, well, you know ‘out of sight, out of mind’.
  2. Plants sticky notes desk pad – I’m currently working on new stock for my Etsy shop and it’s plant based! I need this plant list to remind me what I have going on… I just do!
  3. Botanical A5 planting book – Yes, I realise this is moving away from letter writing but only because I love me some plants, but also the paper that comes in this book is rustic looking and I like the idea of tearing out pages and sending letters using it?
  4. Cracked gold foil writing set – Now we’re back on track with the writing sets; this gold foil? Beautiful! It reminds me to paper I used to make when I was at school. It’s fun and bright and who wouldn’t want to open a letter and find this?
  5. Rose gold foil writing set – This writing set is so fancy I would need to dig out my quill to use it! I am currently using a skull wax seal on my letters but this kit makes me think I’ll need to splash out and perhaps get some gold wax for my ‘S’ monogram seal instead!


I can see myself buying all of these things in the next month or so and, you know what? I won’t even be made because why not? I don’t buy that much of anything, bar food [my one true vice], so getting myself set up in the way of stationary is surely OK?

Let me know if you have any cool stationary items and if you’re interested in getting mail from me email me at




*All these links are affiliate, but in no way affect you! If you happen to click and buy something I’ll get a small [read: very small] commission. 


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