Paperback Writer…


I feel like I’ve been harping on about this quite a bit this past week but, to be honest, when you don’t have anyone else advertising you kind of have to become your own annoying publicist.

One of my short story series, Etta!, is finally available in paperback WORLDWIDE. It’s a fun thing to think that this is now being printed and shipped out to people and I even bought a non-preview copy for myself just to have it!


The first instalment of this story takes place in L.A during 1934 [whilst the year is never mentioned it will be relevant as the story continues] and follows a young girl who discovers her mum had magical powers and is an agent against dark forces in the city, along with her friends.

It’s aimed at the young adult reader, but that being said, the story is set to become a lot darker as Etta grows up.

This series is fun to write and the second instalment will be available soon [pre-order functionality will be up in the next month or so]; this is the first long running series I’ve written and it’s planned out to the very end, which for me, is quite a feat. I’m more of a have-a-general-idea-and-an-end-point-but-make-it-up-as-I-go kind of writer, which works for me most of the time. With this series, because of the duration [ending on the eighth book in 1945], planning was needed.

I self-illustrated each chapter page for this first book but I’m kind of kicking myself now because I’m not sure I want to continue the illustrations [mostly because I don’t think they’re great – it was just for fun but I find it off putting and more stressful than it might be worth], we’ll see what I decide to do.

If you want to buy it you can follow THIS LINK and get it from Amazon. Be sure to leave a review and share this blog post. The more people buy it the more it will make me feel like I’m not wasting my time, y’know? I’m not publishing these for the financial gains at all but the purchases do let me know if there’s a demand for more! Plus, y’know, it might help me on the steps to my dream career. Potato, Potaato.

Thanks for reading, as usual, and normal blogging will commence again soon. This should be the last post about this lil project for a while!



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