2018 Goals: A Review

I am an ambitious person. That’s not a surprise, surely? You do know I’m a Slytherin, right? *chortle chortle* I think I’ll be the person still harping on about which Hogwarts house I’m in until I cease to exist and, even then, I’ll demand to have the crest on my grave stone and I’ll haunt everyone still alive so they never forget.

This post is already off on a tangent so I’ll bring it back to the point; my ambitions sometimes give me a headache. They cause me undue feelings of stress; like I’m watching my time spiral down a drain. They also make me happy and keep me focused and busy. I love being busy [despite my prerequisite for laziness] so making yearly goals is actually helpful for me, the constant scatter brain.

This year I made a pretty ambitious list of things I wanted to accomplish so, now it’s July, I figured it was a good time to review and see where I’m winning and where I’m totally failing.

Read at least 30 books – I started strong but I’ve had to take a break from reading whilst I’m working on a few other things. Down time is hard to find these days! I might be able to catch up so this might still be doable but I’m not going to beat myself up if I fail! Keep up with my book list HERE.

Write two screen plays – So far I’ve not started them but the year is still… not really young but screenplays for shorts [which is what I’d write] are still doable and I still have two ideas I’ve been mulling over so… possible. Very possible.

Finish edits on two stories I’ve been working on – I finished the writing of one of them and I’m almost done on the edits of one so this is still on track!

Keeping looking for an agent – Still casting my net!

Self publish Etta 2 – Seriously behind on this but it will happen soon! I am actually adding to this a little because I’m adding Etta to be a paperback purchase [more on this soon] and the second instalment will be both e-book and paperback! Exciting movements with self publishing play!

Yoga – I originally thought I wasn’t going to hold myself to doing yoga every single day but, guys, I have so far. What?! I know, it’s crazy and I love it.

Blog revamp – I did it. I’m still not 100% happy with my current designs etc but I’m far too lazy to move to self-hosted for more control so….

Photography – I have been using Lightroom a lot over the last several months and figuring it out. I’ve also bought a new camera and dug out my old camera so I’m happy I’ll have a positive aspect on this by the end of the year.

Music – Yes, I’ve been practising and thinking of recording some stuff for fun. Who knows what will happen by the end of the year.

Freelance copy writing – I am not sure I’m going to keep this on the list. I haven’t actually pursued it properly. I remember really being into this idea at the start of the year but my own creative endeavours are far more appealing right now.

Road Trips – So far… this is a failure! We haven’t been anywhere; not even our usual yearly June trip to the coast! I guess we’ll see how we get on for the rest of the year but weekends are tied up with all the writing at the moment!

Make time for friends – I’m trying really hard to reach out to people and make time to hang out or just talk/email and I’m trying to make new friends, too. We’ll see how the year pans out but I’m really trying not to be a recluse!

Etsy Shop – It happened! I’m stoked I opened the shop but haven’t had any sales yet, sadly. I get it. My art isn’t great and the cards I have are hardly well designed, I like simple things, but I still did it so I’m happy. I’m also selling pressed flowers soon so that might be more successful?

Book stall business plan – I thought about this the other day and it’s something I want for my future but I realised I’m not there yet. I can imagine myself doing it but when I’m older and have some cash I can invest into a business!!

Take long walks/hikes every weekend- I’m failing this terribly! I walk Juno every day and sometimes those walks are long and sometimes… not. But I have to say, most weekends, we end up staying in the park behind my house for a long time just running around and exploring (her more than me… definitely) and it’s become a nice routine that I’ll sit under the tree whilst she sniffs around.

Keep on top of cleaning – This is so boring – ha! I would say I keep a consistent 70/30 split on this. I clean the kitchen pretty much every night but I don’t always tidy my living room until it’s a total mess. I’m getting better, I promise!

Play more games – I’ve played more computer games and ipad games already this year but I still haven’t started that board game group I wanted to. Anyone local want to play? I have ALL THE GAMES!

Do you have goals? How you getting on?



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