Two Year Bookiversary!


You know me, I love a good milestone celebration. This one, in particular, is close to my bitter old heart; the 2 year anniversary of my first self-published novella.

It’s kind of a bitter sweet celebration because I was so happy to publish this – despite a few spelling errors – but I had planned on publishing the second of the series last year and then the third this year but that plan fell through for various reasons.

I can’t ignore the milestone, though, because self-publishing is hard. You’re putting yourself out there and then asking friends, family and strangers to read something you created. It kind of makes me cringe, which is why I never self promote the damn thing because I’m not a sales person whatsoever!

Eventually I’ll find an agent who will help me get my full length books published but until then I’m happy to keep plugging away at this little series because it’s just fun and kind of throwaway [hence the pen name].

At the moment this book is only available on Kindle, which might be off-putting if you don’t have a kindle or e-reader but… I don’t have one either, guys. I like ’em but I hate them at the same time because I don’t find them comfortable to read and they don’t support my reading style [I like to flip back and forth in books so real pages helps!] but you don’t need to splurge on one to read this; there’s a Kindle App and it’s free! Huzzah!

That being said I’m going to pop this book into paperback now that Amazon offer it to self-publishers so stay tuned for later this week [yeah, if I was more organised it would have been today. Awkward…]!

Thanks for reading this and, if you bought my book, thanks for buying it.

If you didn’t buy it… what are you waiting for? It’s cheap and every sale helps me out both financially and with Amazon because the more you sell/get reviews the more they recommend it to readers etc etc.



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