Hair Refresh – Candyfloss pink

I’ve been growing my hair out recently; not the length, though! If you follow me on Instagram you’ll have seen I had about five inches cut off! Having short hair if refreshing, you guys.

When I say I’m growing my hair out I mean my colour. I bleach it maybe twice a year but I’m giving it a little break to let it recoup and get back into a healthier condition [to be honest it’s not that bad but self care etc!] but that doesn’t mean I want my colour to fall behind! My roots are dark blonde and the rest of my hair was bright peachy pink for a long time until recently where the colour fell out pretty much over night, leaving blonde hair behind! I love having blonde hair but… I love having pink hair too much so it had to go!

I have loads of Arctic Fox Pink left because the bottles are so big and the colour so pigmented you really only have to use a little bit so I topped up all the blonde and pink bits with cotton candy pink; which I expertly mixed myself with conditioner [helpful hint; when you’re mixing colour with conditioner you need white conditioner but also get coconut-based because your hair will thank you!].

Here’s my hair before…


And here it is after,


It’s subtle but it’s softened the blonde off so nicely and I love how cute it looks. I will probably add a little more pink in the next couple of weeks when I’m washing it just to top it up but this colour is one of my ultimate faves!

I’m thinking of phasing to lavender over several months, too, so this rollercoaster won’t be over for a while. If you have lavender hair do you have a fave dye brand? I usually go with Manic Panic and Arctic Fox but I always like to hear about brands from other people!!


p.s my ears look really pink in these pictures; I had to up the pink tone in the images to get a real life looking picture of my hair but my already pinky-skinned ears now look insane!! But also kind of cute and why are we not colouring our ears?! 


5 thoughts on “Hair Refresh – Candyfloss pink

  1. This is such a pretty color! I had lavender in my hair for quite some time, I really liked it. I have light pink right now but can’t stop thinking about going back to lavender! I use punky colors hair dye. I usually buy a bolder color than what I want and use conditioner to lighten it to a pastel.


  2. Pretty! I would highly recommend you try Directions or Crazy colour hair dyes next. They’re Vegan, Cruelty-free and if you mix with conditioner super good for your hair. They’re also very cheap. Although Arctic Fox is good I find it so overpriced like on the same level as Manic Panic.

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    1. Yeah I do want to try them! Price – wise I do think that it tends to mean the quality is better but I won’t know until I try. At the moment I have so much dye left, because it lasts so long, that I don’t know when I’ll need to buy more colour!! 😂 😂 😂 😂

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      1. Oh gosh not as all. Higher price does not necessarily mean better quality and that’s how it is for anything. Consider…..when you buy something from a Charity shop. Generally cheap but good quality for the most part because they’re branded, some what high branded items. Same with hair dye. Directions Especially I find to be a wonderful brand and I’ve tried most of the hair dye brands. Coincidentally my least favourite brand has been Manic Panic in terms of longevity.


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