Items I love

I’m very stingy when it comes to shopping and buying things – be it clothes, things for the house, or things I want for fun. Mostly it’s because I’m trying to live a more minimalist lifestyle [trying being the operative word], but also because I *hate* spending money and am a life long saver! [I may do a ‘how to save’ blog post at some point soon because I’m pretty much a pro!].

Of course, I do still buy things once I’ve decided it’s something I need [sneak peak of the saving post: do not impulse buy!] and I figured I’d share some of the items I got and love!

All of these links are going to be affiliate links – nothing bad will happen! It just means that, should you click on them, I could make a little money [pennies] which would be nice because… remember how I said I like to save?

Petsfit Dog Strong Pet Crate Foldable Cage Soft Fabric with Fleece Mat, 78 x 50 x 63cm

Petsfit Dog Crate – I know, guys; starting with a dog bed… see. Told you I didn’t like spending money, particularly on myself! It took me a long time to decide on buying this bed for the lil pup but I’m really happy with this. We don’t often leave Juno alone but when we did she was in a metal crate [I’m a crate-training/housing advocate] but I wanted to phase the crate out of Juno’s life because she hates it. She hates this, too, but from a dog-mum point of view this crate is SO easy to move around and if I ever have to take Juno to my parents for sleep-overs this folds up like one of those crazy tents [the old twist and done] and it’s light. With the metal crate… well, talk about heavy and difficult to lug around!

LED TV Backlight – Let me tell you! This is something I always wanted but never knew. I love fun lights and also any light that changes colour. These LED strips stick to the back of your TV, plug into the USB port and you can pick from a range of colours. My fave thing to do is pick a colour that matches the show we’re watching [example; when watching Daredevil I used blue and red so it was light police lights. I’m dedicated.].

M&S Jeans – I’ve been wearing the same blue and VERY faded black jeans for a long time and they’d both developed the inner-thigh rip that happens when you got legs that are best friends, if you know what I mean? *chortle* It takes me a long time to find jeans that are both affordable and fit me properly. I’m 5″7 and a UK size 14. You’d think this was pretty average [I mean yeah I’m chubby but I’m within the average range]. Sadly, finding jeans which fit is stupidly hard because they either don’t go past buy thighs or they do but they are then too big elsewhere – jeans are a battle, I’m sure you know! I got these jeans recently [Blue jeans and Black jeans can be found here] and I’m so happy they fit me so well. They’re still a little short in the leg because apparently that’s a thing now? But they fit everywhere else so I’m not complaining!

IKEA EKET cabinet combination with legs

EKET Ikea Cabinet – I actually bought a few things from Ikea recently [a desk and a new light] but I haven’t put them ‘up’ yet. This, though, I have built [it didn’t call for a hammer but let me tell you guys, a hammer was used] and started using this in my living room and I LOVE it. We don’t have much in the way of furniture and picking things took me a long time [if you call 2 years a long time?] and so this is a big deal for me. I’ll show pictures soon once the room is finished but for now let’s pretend the above picture is my house and I’m that neat and tidy!

Watercolour Pen set – I didn’t buy this myself, I got it as a gift for my birthday, but they had been on my list for a few weeks because I want to start painting/ inking some pictures. There are a few sets but I chose the spring selection because these colours are cute and look so good together! I’ll share some of my pictures soon as I’m working on a new set to add to my Etsy store and I’m more than likely going to buy more colours from this brand because they’re delightful!


Hope you enjoyed this post; as I don’t buy much it’s hard to come up with things to share but I love these kinds of posts so watcha gonna do? Have you bought anything cool recently that you think I’d like? Or just something you like in general? Let me know!




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