The future of this blog…

You might have realised I’ve taken a break from blogging for a few weeks. I don’t enjoy writing blog posts that are all ‘Hey guys, sorry I’ve been away but…’ because there so apologetic and I’m not one to apologise for… nothing! I mean, this blog isn’t changing lives or anything!

That being said, whilst I’ve taken a break I’ve sat down on a few occasions and jotted down ideas of what kind of blog posts I want to make. The issue I’ve always had is I don’t have a theme which, if you’ve ever started a blog or read about how to blog, you’ll know a blog is supposed to have. Pick something, anything, and write about it. The trouble is… I could never ever pick one thing to write about. My whole life has been a whirlwind of over-active hobbying. I have never had one thing that I’ve stuck to as my thing. I read, I write, I watch TV, I do yoga, I like to take pictures, I have a dog, I like to dye my hair, I like to do make up and work out and play music and decorate and make things and and and and and! In all of those things I could pick one and blog about that, solely, but that would be denying myself the chance to share stuff, you know? I see some blogs and instagram feeds which have these themes and a part of me envies the commitment to sticking to something like that but I’m a gemini so sue me!

The list of blog ideas I’ve put together are varied and, above all, make me excited to start blogging again! A month or two ago I was enjoying it but I also felt stifled, like I should be producing a certain type of content but that’s just that awful feeling of conformity which I’ve always tried to steer clear of. Maybe I’ve blogged about this before? I don’t know, but I feel like I should explain the reason I took a little break and just make a promise to myself to let myself explore all of my interests (some of which might be cool and some of which might be just sharing things I like on the internet) without feeling like they don’t fit on this platform!

If you keep a blog how do you feel about the content you share? Are you a stickler for blogging about one main theme or do you like to mix it up?



8 thoughts on “The future of this blog…

  1. I don’t really understand the whole fuss about having an Instagram “theme.” Seems like a lot of stress on people who are just using it for fun. My blog is the way my YouTube channel was — not really in one niche, just covering whatever I feel like. So there are naturally gonna be a few focuses (fashion, skincare, photography) but it’ll always be all over the place and I don’t think there’s anything wrong with that. My favorite posts, that I think are my strongest ones, are the really long thoughtful emotional jaunts I occasionally throw up there, but they’re time consuming and draining, so I definitely can’t do them all the time!

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  2. I totally feel you! This has been and it is still my major problem when it comes about blogging- what topic should I pick?; on what to focus? in order to build an audience that will return. This is what I’ve been learning at university and through various online courses about blogging and content writing. To focus on a niche. But i still dont know how to tackle this issue. So I felt understood while reading your post. Thank you for openine up and sharing 😉
    I also have a question: do you write in a specific way, like for a certain purpose? I mean do you try to offer advice or not be too descriptive while blogging? And also, do you try to cut down phrases and words that are pretty but unnecessary in ordet to have more conceise posts?
    Keep going!

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    1. Hi 🙂 I don’t really have a purpose for blogging other than fun! I’m a writer and enjoy the freedom of writing casually because writing fiction is more structured, if that makes sense? I feel like finding a niche can also curb your creativity – my niche is my life, so it’s varied! 😂

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  3. You could do ‘Lifestyle’ as your theme. All of the hobbies you mention like reading, writing, yoga etc fall under that category. So I would choose that as your big theme as it will give you a wide space to write about all of these things. Then you won’t feel limited to a small niche. Good luck!

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    1. Yeah, I do tend to lean towards that genre but at the same time don’t like to associate with it because it’s crazy over saturated… It’s so hard to describe!!!!! 😂 😂 😂 Maybe I’ll try to set a hobby-tone? Perhaps that’s been my genre the whole time?! So confusing!


    1. Exactly my sentiments! I feel like there’s this age old pressure to just be in one group of people but I’ve never in my life stuck with one group of people, from school to adult life so I’m taking that into my blogging life, too!! Thanks for commenting!! 🙂

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