April Goals [have come and gone]

Is it too late to write about April Goals? Short answer: YES.

I had this whole blog post idea to set some goals for last month and guess what? I got some sort of virus which knocked me out for two weeks, going on three! I hardly had any energy to do anything, which was just great when I wanted to do So Much™ but… well, I guess that’s life!


Still, I tried to work on these things a little so I wanted to do this very short post to keep track!

Keep up with daily Yoga

I didn’t think this would be as hard as it was, due to illness. I took maybe one day off from trying to do it but I still stretched every day so I’m saying I’ve kept up and I’m back to full practices every day so success!

Finish this novel

Yes, the one I started in November and should have finished by now. It’s proving harder than I thought to reach the end; but that can sometimes happen and I can’t rush it. I do wish I’d had enough energy at the start of the month to work on it but I couldn’t concentrate for long enough. Still trying!

Bite the bullet and keep plugging my first novel

After a few rejections from agents for my first novel I still want to keep trying to get it out there so I’m going to use my little break at the end of the month to send it out to more people to, hopefully, find someone who wants to help me get me a book deal! Whoever thought writing was easy, let me tell you… it aint!

Start running again

It’s early days but I’m running again. I completed my first 5k yesterday and found I can still run continuously for 3 miles so… that’s really great to find out! My fitness level has dropped somewhat over the last year because of my knee [I have a bad knee which stops me from running] but I’m going to just take it easy and work on the treadmill instead of pounding the streets. I’m also not going to try to do a 10k again because I just don’t think it’s worth hurting my knee for just to ‘progress’ like everyone else. 5k a few times a week is perfectly good for my chubby ass!

Enjoy the outdoors and take pictures

Despite allergies being terrible this year I’ve been working on pushing the discomfort away so I can get out there and take more pictures. So far I haven’t gone out as much as I wanted but the weather is getting so much better so fingers crossed I can go out exploring more.

So yeah, April was a write off in some ways but it’s set me up for a good May I think… Hopefully everyone else is working towards their goals and if you don’t have goals – good for you! I’m sure you live a very peaceful life!!



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