Outfit of the day // Letterman Jacket

I have always loved letterman jackets. Probably because I grew up watching every US TV show set in a highschool… When I finally found this one, years ago, on ASOS I was so happy. I’m pretty sure I got it in the men’s department (I get a LOT of my clothes from men’s departments because they always have such cool things!!) but it’s all grey – score – and it has a ‘C’ on it, which is the first letter of my last name so… score again!

I only ever really remember to break it out in spring but it’s one of my fave items to wear when the weather gets good enough for lightweight jackets.





Let’s overlook the fact that my hair needs bleaching and re-dying urgently and it’s just a crazy untameable mess which needs cutting ASAP… I love this outfit.

I feel my most ‘me’ wearing super casual things but sometimes I feel like I dress too much like a boy when I want to try to be more girly. It’s a constant mental struggle because… well, I kind of like being super casual. I have a whole Pinterest board dedicated to casual style [it’s a work in progress and not public].

I struggle with ‘style’ on the daily because I have none. Nope. Not me. I look at other people and they look so put together but when I look at clothes on myself I tend to think I don’t look right in a lot of things? I am sure this is how most people feel. It doesn’t bring me down, or anything. I’m not self conscious about my appearance, I don’t have any underlying issues other than the usual societal expectations on what beautiful girls are supposed to look like [hint: it’s not what they sell in magazines and on tv/the internet, it’s you in the mirror!] but every so often I put something on and I think ‘this is me’.

This is one of my ‘this is me’ outfits. Always a striped top [this one has elbow patches, kids!], always jeans and trainers [hey, look how I’ve gone all ‘cool’ and rolled my jeans up to show some ankle. Risqué] and always a jacket of some sort because I am always cold. Always.

Generally I don’t put too much stock in clothes. I don’t care to impress people with how I look because, to me, it’s really not important. Still, when you feel good, you feel good and I’m all for sharing that.

Do you have any outfits you feel comfortably cool in, even if it isn’t ‘fashionable’?



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