New skincare essentials

Despite being under the weather for a lot of this month I feel like I really nailed my skin! Put it down to a lot of water, eating a lot of fruit and veg to try to feel better and a lot of steam baths with essential oils!

Of course, what I put on my skin helped too!


I bought this pot of Dark Angels from Lush recently and have been using it once a week in the shower [I don’t like to scrub my face too much!] and every time I use it I feel like my skin is super duper clean and bright! It’s a charcoal cleanser/ scrub and it is so fun to use! You only need a lil bit, so it lasts ages, and once you’ve rubbed it in and washed it off you can really feel the difference in you skin. It smells like Blackjacks [the sweets] and I love it!


I use this Vitamin C oil on my skin a few times a week, before bed, and I think it really helps keep my skin from drying up too much. With the winter months going on for far too long I’ve had the heating on more than I’d like. I have dry skin, anyway, and heating makes it even worse. I sometimes feel like I look like a little old lady with how deep the lines are on my forehead but this product makes them better.


Talking of oil, I just got this vitamin E oil for lip balms and have started patting it on my skin a few times a week before bed [always before bed so it has time to sink in]. It’s too soon to tell if it’s making any difference but I just enjoy the way it makes my skin feel! I’ll report back if I suddenly look ten years younger!


What I’m really looking for is a good day moisturiser which is vegan/ cruelty free! I don’t know what I want from it yet so I just feel like I need to try a load of different ones so if you have any suggestions I’m all ears!



2 thoughts on “New skincare essentials

    1. I legit didn’t take care of my skin for my entire life and now I’m realising I’ve missed a trick, just for the self care aspect. It makes me feel so good doing a little thing every day, even if it’s putting a little oil on my face! ♥


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