Outfit of the day // Turtle Power!

There are a few facts that you should probably know about me.

  1. I don’t own any plain t-shirts
  2. I love TMNT
  3. I always dress like a teenage boy from the 90’s

I’m working on dressing a little bit *nicer* this year and am planning a few clothing items to make my wardrobe look how I want, rather than a t-shirt and jumper sale because that’s literally all I have right now… but today that’s what we’re going with.


My sister bought me this t-shirt and I love it. Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles was a fave tv show and movie growing up and, despite me currently repping Leo on the t-shirt, Raph was my fave, which is why he’s on my socks. Yes, that’s right. Two out of four ain’t bad but I guess I need to get something with Mikey and Don on, too.

I’m excited to wear t-shirts again, seeing as I have so many cute and cool ones – hopefully without having to wear a cardigan (come on, British weather, get it together!). I do love this cardigan, though. I have no idea where I got it but it’s cozy AF, albeit, absolutely covered in dog hair.

With regards to wardrobe, I’m still trying to pare down what I own and build up a collection of staple items so I’m selling off a fair few things on Vinted – check it out if you want to help me get rid of stuff! I’ll be adding new items very soon; I also don’t mind haggling so give me your best price!

Turtle power!




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