Making // Vegan Lipbalm

I’ve wanted to do this little DIY project for a while now and, seeing as my mum bought me a huge pack of EOS lip balms a couple of years ago, I decided to save as many pots as I could [some I lost, others I must have thrown out without thinking] so that I could reuse them for my own creations.

Eos aren’t vegan because they use beeswax but I do love the containers and the cool dome shape. As it turns out, the pot is so easy to reuse I feel bad that I ever threw any of them away!

I’ve made a little video of my attempt at making some lip balms so I’ll pop that here, and talk about the process beneath it!

Making lip balm, in theory, is actually really easy and something I’m going to keep doing from now on. The hard part is the measurement of ingredients… I followed someone else’s tutorial [I wish I could remember whose it was!] but, sadly, it just didn’t work for me. Whilst these lip balms look GOOD, they aren’t exactly the balmiest of things because they are way too waxy!

Obviously, most things get better with practice so I’m sure I’ll get it right the next time, or the time after that, but the one thing I realised was that different wax probably has a different affect on the outcome. Yes, you’re probably thinking ‘duh’, but for some reason I didn’t take that into consideration at all! The candelilla wax I used is quote fragrant on its own and also thick which means the final product is too hard to use and also smells too much of the wax, which isn’t a great smell!

If you watch the video you can see I used one tablespoon of coconut oil and two tablespoons of wax; next time I’m definitely switching that around!

For reference these are the ingredients I used:

And just like when you melt chocolate [which we all do, right?!] you just melt it over hot water and then pour into the containers!

Despite these ones not exactly working, I’m gonna try again soon so I’ll let you know how I get on. A little word of warning: don’t melt wax in a bowl you want to keep because… well, I think I need to buy a new glass bowl now. Sad times!



5 thoughts on “Making // Vegan Lipbalm

  1. I noticed in your video that you used both peppermint and grapefruit? Are they good together? My brain thinks they’d be weird combined. This looks like a fun little DIY, though! I haven’t used eos in years because I found they really irritated my lips, but I’d like to see if this would work with a normal twist-up chapstick tube.

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    1. I’ve definitely seen people do it with the twisty ones!! Also, good eye! I think the flavours go, based on smell! I like the fruity grapefruit and the minty tingle 🙂 the grapefruit is a really strong oil so the mint is very much just a hint! I love playing with mixing scents and flavours!


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