New Old Photos

I was recently playing around with my new camera and I found a load of old pictures from my trip to Croatia on a memory card. As I love looking at old pictures [I went in 2016, how crazy long ago is that?] and re-editing stuff I figured I’d share some new versions.

I’ve been having a lot of fun with Lightroom, just getting used to the settings and capabilities, so I figured I’d share some with you, along with a before and after shot for comparison!








The Before
The After

I love editing images just to bring out the natural beauty that might not have been translated well when originally captured. I always try to keep the images as ‘natural’ as possible when editing but that’s not to say I don’t love more artistic effects, particularly with landscape shots.

My intention with getting Lightroom and a new camera was to go and take more pictures and really get back into my photography so… stay tuned for more!

Let me know if you use any photo editing software – what are your thoughts on it?



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