My First Attempt at Pin Curls!


I have a love of curly hair and, boy, do I wish I had it. My hair, as it stands, is just wild. That’s the only way to describe it. It’s not straight and it’s not curly, it’s just… crazy. I used to straighten my hair because that was the thing to do, growing up. When I was in my mid twenties I realised how much I hate having straight hair and I’ve not used straighteners, since. I don’t own any. I know you can curl your hair with straighteners and I am a pro at it but there’s something so much more fun about trying out other methods.

My usual go to for curling is my curling wand. I have two; one is a larger barrel and one is a very thin barrel which is basically perm-like [my dream hair!]. If I’m feeling a little more fancy I use my heated rollers, which is a luxury if just for the fact that they make your head nice and warm!

I have a lot of hair, albeit thin. Because I have a lot when I curl it it generally looks GREAT, so today I decided to try out pin curls. I’ve watched a few tutorial videos so I just got a load of hair grips and went to work.

Tutorial I used:

Now, to be fair, you should really do this in a mirror so you can make sure the curls are similar in size, facing the right direction, and neat and tidy. I didn’t do any of those things, as I decided to freestyle it whilst watching Friends. Look, that’s just how I live my life!!

You can tell from the pictures above, I think, that they aren’t as neat as they could be… or as well placed, but I just wanted to test out the actual method before worrying about the outcome because, as with all hair experiments, the outcome only gets better with a lot of practice!! So from the point of view of actually doing it? A doddle. I loved it. It really didn’t take too long and it wasn’t stressful. Besides that, it’s no heat so my hair didn’t get frazzled – the only thing I wished I’d done is put product on it before hand to stop it going fluffy!


Sadly my after pictures are a little crap because it was night time and the only lighting I have in my house is yellow toned! However, with a little bit of styling it looked REALLY CUTE. It was kind of going in all directions, so that’s something I’m going to work on, but other than that the process was cool and I can imagine if I did this properly it would be quicker than trying to dry and style my hair in any other way, especially if I wrapped it up and let it dry overnight instead of during the day.

What do you think? Have you ever tried it? I’d love to know some hints and tips – especially product-wise, because the only products I own are hair oils!

I’ll be sure to keep practicing so I can come back with better pictures and results!


ps. If you’re thinking ‘Sam, you should do your roots’, my answer is ‘I know! I should, I need to be WAY LESS LAZY!’


4 thoughts on “My First Attempt at Pin Curls!

  1. I have oily hair, so I don’t typically have anything other than water and/or leave in conditioner on my hair when I pin it, because I don’t want to look gross. I usually just freehand it like you do, but I pin everything flat down against my scalp, instead of my rolls having more vertical height like yours (if that makes sense). I also have layered hair, so I have lots of fiddly bits to tuck in. It can be a bit wild after, even considering that my hair is naturally straight. I’ll usually just pin back the front pieces into sort of a half ponytail look. Also, the last couple of times I did pincurls I used larger sections of hair, and I find it makes for a looser, pretty look!

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    1. Totally get what you mean! I saw a few people doing both upright curls and flat ones so I might try the other way and see what the results look like! I also need to make sure the pieces are equal size and a little bigger – I’ll crack it one day! 😎


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