67 Days of Yoga and counting

You read that title correctly! I am 67 days into my daily yoga practices and, so far, it feels great. I guess that goes without saying?

I have always been an on again, off again yoga practitioner. I love it but, like most things, it’s easy to get distracted or feel too tired to move and then before you know it you’ve missed a week, and then a month until you’re eventually just a smoosh of a person sitting on a sofa. Just me?

Well. For the past 4-5 years I’ve done 30 days of Yoga [with Adriene] in January and then sometimes I’ve kept it up. The longest I’ve ever gone, doing it every day, is around April time so I’m coming up to the month where I always seem to fall off the mat, except this year I don’t feel like I will… maybe that’s wishful thinking? But for the first time in a long time I’ve found myself making time, each night, no matter how tired I am. Even if it’s just ten or twenty minutes I’ve rolled my mat out and MOVED. Alright, I’ll admit, ONCE, one day, I did cat/cow and then lay on my front and stayed in ‘crocodile pose’ but I feel like the fact it has a name in yoga means I wasn’t just being lazy!

I wish I had some lovely photos to share of nice looking yoga space, however, my flat is small and I just roll my mat out behind the sofa! Not really any space to take pictures! So instead of sharing pictures I’ll share the playlists I’ve been doing since January. There are three as Adriene has been putting them together month by month. I’d really recomend them to anyone wanting to start playing around with yoga either as a beginner or to re-find your groove! There are also playlists for basic poses, flows, weight loss, you name it!

January’s playlist – TRUE – 30 Days of Yoga

February’s playlist – Love Yo Self – February 

March’s playlist – FRESH – March 2018


Even if you just want to dip in every now and again there are some great videos in these three playlists alone! My favourite video so far, though, is probably the CHARISMA vide from TRUE because there are some great hip and chest openers which are always what I’m looking for!

Enjoy – if you fancy seeing my yoga wish list from a previous post have a look here and don’t miss that yoga mat spray I made here!

Hopefully my next check in will be in a few months…!



2 thoughts on “67 Days of Yoga and counting

    1. Hi Svet! Do it! The march one is particularly good if you’re getting back into it or starting from scratch – lots of basic stuff and short practices! (also there are particular things I can never do so I just improvise 😉)


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