Vinted // Second Hand Clothes

It’s been a hot minute since I blogged! Wish I could say it’s because I’m busy but quite the opposite; I get lazy when I have nothing to do… I’m a strange creature!

Today I want to share a cool app with you, and I’m not being sponsored or anything, this is purely personal enjoyment going on!

A few weeks ago I had an idea; try to empty my wardrobe [again] and get my minimalist ass into gear… again. I want to have less crap but I also want to shop ethically and that means buying from ethical brands and also from charity shops [read: thrift stores for you guys overseas!].

remember when I found these cool things?

Enter; Vinted.

As if by magic, as soon as I had this urge to purge, I saw an advert for this app where you can buy, sell and swap clothes online. I’m new to the second hand game so maybe there are other apps? I’m not sure.

Vinted lets you buy and sell but there is also this great function where you can swap stuff, which is amazing! It really opens up the communication channels between seller and buyer – you can also barter for bulk deals so if you’re a bargain hunter you can probably score a good deal with people.

I’m hoping to sell off the items I’ve listed soon so I can fund a little project of buying some cool clothes from local charity shops to resell online – I live in a pretty decent area for second hand clothes [read: a lot of high end labels] and I would love to make a little money on the side. Who knows? It might not come to anything but you know me… projects ALL the time!


If you’re interested in the app go for it – you can use this link and we will both get money in our accounts (£5 for joining, £10 if you sell something). Again; this isn’t affiliated or anything, just a cool app I found!  If you’re just interested in looking at what I have [and see my terrible photography. I’m gonna get a proper set up soon] you can find me under ‘prettythoughtful’.

Enjoy! Happy shopping etc!




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