Happy Galentines Day!

Ah, Galentines Day; the day we get to celebrate our female relationships!

I have been looking forward to writing this post for a while but been mentally unable to put ‘pen’ to ‘paper’ due to feeling under the weather [read: dark cloud] so I’m sorry this is late.

My love of female friends is always at the forefront of my mind and I always try to lift up and empower the ones I have and so, with that in mind, I wanted to share some of my friends projects and products that I think are fabulous and think you might like, too!

Sam Wade

sam ✨


Sam has recently released a short Zine – available here – which showcases her cute, cool, quirky drawing style. I bought it at the weekend and LOVE looking at it. I always look forward to seeing her illustrations and character designs so check her out on Instagram, too!


J.M. Miller

J. M. Miller


Jen is a writer and her books are FABULOUS! If you enjoy YA Contemporary then definitely check her out. You can buy her books on Kindle or paperback on Amazon so go and support her! You won’t regret it.





NRTH LASSYes, I know it’s not one person, per say… But NrthLass is a new Magazine based out of Manchester and Leeds and it’s all about celebrating successful women, business, start ups, travel, leisure etc. Oh, and I wrote a short piece for the first issue! It’s a great idea and such a pleasure to see two determined women [Jenna Campbell & Jessica Howell] set up a new print magazine. Check out the site and follow on twitter and instagram!


Ambitions Podcast


I’ve linked to a podcast by Sienna [jointly hosted with Mary Akemon) before and this is a new one which she hosts with her Hubby, Alex. They talk about goals and, you guessed it, ambitions. I find listening to them so relaxing – it’s like hanging out with friends and I sometimes wish I could chip into the conversation which I think is the sign of a good Podcast?! Highly recommend you give it a listen HERE!


This Is Krys

My long time Internet friend, Krystal, has been blogging for a while now and I always enjoy her posts – she talks about all sorts from music, skin care, outfits and dating and I think you might enjoy her posts, too! She is so funny and smart – check her out here.



I hope you check them all out and give ’em some support! And whilst I know I missed Galentines Day, officially, let’s pretend I didn’t. Tell your girlfriends you think they’re FIRE [that’s what the kids say, right?].



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