Planting my succulent babies!

Remember when I posted about propagating my Succulents? Well here’s a little update for you :

I had already attempted to move a couple of my babes into their own pots to spread their roots and just have alone time and, so far, they’re ok (spot them in the video above chillin in repurposed pots: more on that later), so I found so adorable cups in a shop on sale and figured they’d do for moving some more of my babies!

I really wanted to get the head plant into her own space ASAP as her roots were spreading and I didn’t want her to get tangled with the others so… So in all? I think it went ok!

I’m currently just keeping their soil moist until they actually start to grow bigger and then, I guess, I’ll slow my role with the watering?

If you know more about this than me please give me hints and tips!!



4 thoughts on “Planting my succulent babies!

  1. I propagated a few of my succulents, I always find they grow faster in winter though I’m not entirely sure why. I like using small candle holders (like the glass ones for tea lights) as plant pots for them

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