From Pink to Peach // Hair Dye

I stuck out the bright pink from October to February and I think that’s pretty dedicated, right?

This weekend I decided, as I needed to desperately bleach my roots why not change my whole colour?! I’d, luckily, also ordered some Arctic Fox Sunset Orange and I still had some Virgin Pink in stock [read: A LOT. This stuff lasts forever!!!] so why not mix it up and make a peachy colour?

This is actually my first time customising my own colour and I think I did an OK job… Although, considering I mixed SO much conditioner into it and only a little bit of each colour I’m surprised it turned out this bright… I love it but daaaamn, it’s bright!

As per usual I used the manic panic bleach kit because it comes with a mixing tray, gloves and a cap. It also comes with a brush but… it’s way too small so I’d suggest investing in a larger one! The bleach is also really effective and you don’t have to leave it on forever! I have used some in the past where I felt like, even after 60 minutes, my hair was never quite yellow enough and there was an orange hue to content with. With Manic Panic I always reach the lightest shade in about 40 minutes, which is great for my hair!


Here are some before photos – which shows how bright my pink was at the ends, still, and how bad I always let my roots grow!


Pretty bad, right? The thing is… I never care about my roots. I’m lazy!

After the bleach, which was left on for 40 mins at most I’d managed to get to this perfect yellow:


I love how sleepy I look in these pictures. Guys, bleaching my hair is time consuming. I have thin hair but a lot of it so *yawn*. Still, It’s the perfect shade at this point and, if I was going blonde/lighter this would take toner so well… I was tempted to add toner to it but seeing as I was going to orange anyway I figured… what’s the point?

I mixed my colours in two containers; one was more orange and one was a little more pink; because my hair already had pink in it I figured I’d blend! I was hoping for a ‘fruit salad’ [like the sweets] colour. Or pear drops!


And I think I did a good job of getting the colours and the blend. I added way more pink to the ends once my whole head was saturated, just to make it pop a little bit more.

The above pictures are immediately after I did it; I tried to show how bright it is and also how orange it is at the top, which is super cool!

And here are some pictures of the next day in more natural lighting;


Which make it look totally different! But I think you can see how it fades a little? I don’t know! The hardest thing now is figuring out how to change up my makeup to suit it, I guess? That’s always a big part of colouring my hair, for me. Maybe a little strange? I don’t know!

Overall; this bleach is the only bleach I’ll ever use and the dyes are so vivid I’ll never not recommend them. They don’t tone down well [or maybe it was just me?] but you get so much bang for your buck. I still have so much left of each colour I can keep this up for a long time… not that I’ll have to because it doesn’t fade quickly. All over A plus!

I also want to note how skilled I am at bleaching and dying my hair that I always wear a white t-shirt when I do it and never use a towel around my shoulders and that t-shirt is damn white as the day it was stitched. I didn’t even spill a drop; am I a pro yet?*




*I’m not a pro, at all! All of my findings and reviews are based on my own experience. You should always do a patch test and always take precautions etc.

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3 thoughts on “From Pink to Peach // Hair Dye

  1. I already told you this, but your hair looks absolutely awesome! Although it must be tricky to make sure you have all the right spots bleaching in your hair when you do it at home. I feel like I would need friends around to watch me, or an elaborate mirror set up, lol. Although it’s unlikely, I hope that someday I can work someplace where fun colored hair is acceptable, but until then I live vicariously through you and everyone else on the internet!

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