Wishing for spring

It’s too early to be hopeful for warmer weather, I know, but that doesn’t stop me from seeking out every single flower I see.

Spring can’t come fast enough, I hate the winter so much. Not only has this season been awfully cold but it’s been so wet and miserable I can’t abide it anymore. I’ve been spending more time sleeping in, which is always a plus, but it’s mostly because it’s been too dark in the mornings to even get out of bed to walk Juno.

I like the positivity of spring : spring into action. Put a spring in your step. Winter needs to go away now so we can have slightly warmer days and blooming flowers!

Here’s a list of things I want to do this year in spring :

  1. Start exercising outside again. I need to get my skipping rope out of storage!
  2. Open all my windows and air the flat out without worrying about heating or hypothermia.
  3. Start looking for ingredients out in the wild to make herbal remedies – this book is my inspiration!
  4. Attempt to find local Geocache spots.
  5. Experiment with essential oils again. I can’t use my diffuser in winter because it puts too much unwanted moisture in the air but I have a load of oils I want to mix and match.

Let’s hope this winter leaves ASAP!


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