Yoga Wish List

True to my new year goals I’ve been doing yoga every day (mostly thanks to Yoga with Adriene’s True Yoga 30 day plan). Go me, right?

I’m actually bursting with energy at the moment and I’m pretty sure getting back into the swing of yoga is a big reason. Of course, you can do yoga with just yo’ body and the floor; you don’t need a fancy mat, yoga pants or any extras… that being said, here is a list of my yoga wish list [which includes things I don’t have and things I have and love, all links from here on in will be *affiliate links):


This Inner Living Yoga Mat is amazing! I have 3 mats at home and none of them are good, or even really yoga mats. One of them is a big mat I got which is supposed to go under my treadmill (not sure why, but it sure is soft!), one of them is a cheap exercise mat (and so it’s not full size at all) and the other was an emergency purpose and I can hardly use it because my hands and feet slip when I go into downward dog (or virtually any other pose) and it makes me sad. I have been wanting to invest in a proper mat for a while and this one is… well, look at it!


I seriously love this mat from LoveAndCuts on Etsy, too. Decision, decision.


This Yoga Wheel is a delight – I actually own it because my mum saw it on my amazon wish list and bought it for me for Christmas! Yoga wheels help you with all sorts of poses but I specifically want to stretch out my spine and become more flexible for back bends. I’ve used it a few times and it’s SO good at supporting your back and stretching it out. Recommended.


Another product I actually have but would like another pair of… yoga/dance socks from CloudberryFactory on Etsy. I got these years ago and wore them to yoga a lot (when I went to public classes) as well as ballet class, when I used to go. People always admired them because they. are. delightful! I get cold feet and sometimes taking socks off to do yoga is shiver inducing. These are cozy and you can still grip the mat… if you have one your feet don’t slide around on!


I love yoga pants so much. I have an expensive pair from Sweaty Betty [which I love] but I’d kind of like a few different pairs just so I don’t have to keep washing them! I found AnesidoraArt on Etsy and fell in love with every pair of yoga pants they stock. The designs and colours are beautiful!


Do you shop for yoga stuff as obsessively as I do? I have wish lists going on all the websites I shop on, just waiting for my brain to make a decision on which things to actually pick!





*Affiliate links will generate income for me (a very small amount) if you click on them and purchase something from the site. You don’t get charged anything and it doesn’t store your info!


4 thoughts on “Yoga Wish List

  1. The yoga wheel is so cool! I’ve never seen that before. I have also been trying to get back into an exercise routine. I’m doing a bit of yoga, but I used to do gymnastics when I was younger so I kind of want to get back into that as well. I used to be able to do backbends so well, but not anymore! 😐

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    1. Get a yoga wheel! I can’t recommend it more : it’s so helpful and gives so much support. I need to build up a lot of muscle both in my back and my core and I feel like it is really helping! 😊


  2. I love yoga for many reasons, a major one being, like you say, all you need is a mat, your body and the floor. Because it is such a pure and minimal set up, I’ve never felt the need to look for other yoga kit and have used my original mat everyday (less maybe a couple of days a year when poorly) since October 2010.


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