Blogger Roll Call – part 4

It’s been a while since I did a little blogger roll call. I’ve done a few in the past (here is my last one) and it’s basically just my way of saying ‘Hey, check out this cool blogger’.

This time the people I’m sharing are a mix between new bloggers and really well established ones that I, in my infinite dumbness, have somehow missed?!

Check them out and, as always, if you have a blog you like or you’re a blogger – hit me up in the comments!

All That is She

Dom is a lifestyle blogger, mother and all around internet mogul. I only discovered her recently because of the posts she does on Instagram with her two daughters. They are VERY creative and fun and she really shows the best of what Instagram can do for you. I’m still a new reader so I’m not 100% sure whether she’ll fit into my go-to blogs for reading [Hey! Just being honest…!] but at the moment I’m really enjoying her content.

The Culture Bean

Gina travels and reviews stage plays and the like. She enjoys culture and shares such cool things I really enjoy her content. She is living in Manchester and so I find it really helpful to see the shows she reviews, despite not having been to any in a while [bad Sam!], and she also takes really nice pictures!

A Small Wardrobe

A blog all about minimalism – which I’m still working on in my own life. There are posts about wardrobe, home decor, mental health, travel… the list goes on. It’s all very accessible and just easy reading if you like the subject matter!

Xanthe Berkeley

Xanthe is a videography, photographer, story-telling extraordinaire. She runs courses on film making and photography and has a fantastic eye for detail and colour. Each little snippet of video she releases [#minimondaymovies] are so stylish I sometimes watch them a few times in a row…

The Zombie Said

Steph is a cruelty free, lifestyle, general interest blogger and whilst I’m a new reader I’m really enjoying her casual, diary-style, format which is quite like my own [she’s way cooler, though, fo real]. She also takes really cool photos. I’m basically a photo-coveter.








7 thoughts on “Blogger Roll Call – part 4

  1. Interesting, I keep looking for new blogs to read now that I’m in this world, but it’s hard for me to find quality stuff. How do you keep track of blogs easily if you can’t just follow them on wordpress? Do you just follow them on other socials and then click over when they’ve got a new post up? Or do you use other things (like I know bloglovin exists, but I know not everyone hooks their blogs up to that)?

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    1. Mostly just following their insta accounts! I never remember to check bloglovin! I find it really hard to find blogs I want to return to Over and over… It’s like making friends ; you’re looking for the right person!


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