Favourite Posts of 2017

It’s coming to the end of the year and, whilst you can bet your bottom dollar I will be doing a goals recap VERY soon, as well as setting new goals for 2018, I saw a few of my fave bloggers go over their favourite posts for 2017 and I thought it was a damn cute idea.

I took a week or two off this month just to try to let myself enjoy time off without any distractions. I’ve done well; I have no clue of the day, date, or time. Success, then!

I’m just sipping on some mulled wine, listening to a piano easy listening playlist on Spotify – I invite you to do the same and take a trip down memory lane with me.


Snail Mail Updates

I loved this post because I love writing letters and, this year, I wrote a good handful of letters to friends both new and old. I’m open to becoming pen pals with almost anyone so hit me up if you wanna correspond!


Fast Fashion vs Sustainable Fashion

This is a topic I am very passionate about; sustainable fashion is my jam and if anyone is ever looking for a way to lessen their impact on the world I’d recommend reading up on it!


Outfit of the day [basic Sam] & note to self

I’ve always felt like I couldn’t do these kinds of posts because I’m not fashionable in any way, however, I decided to just go for it this year and I’ve posted a few to a great reception. This was my first and so, will forever be memorable.


Harry Potter Studio Tour

I’m jealous of everyone who has been to the Florida Harry Potter world, however, having the Studio Tour so close [a couple of hours on the train ain’t so bad] is a blessing and a curse. I loved it SO much that I need to go again next year and spend all the money.

Monica and Rachel's

F.R.I.E.N.D.S Set Tour

Looking back at this I realise I had a great summer! This Friendsfest set tour was everything I didn’t know I needed in my life. I’m going to have to go back to this at some point, too, because… well, I don’t need an excuse. Right?

Love your local libraries!

Another post I’m passionate about. I got back into using my local library this year because they’re important in communities for adults and children, alike and also I read too much and live in a small flat so… I can’t keep buying books. I’m setting myself a new challenge for reading next year so stay tuned!


Food Shopping/ Saving Money

This was actually a huge milestone for me in my life. I’m not even kidding. I’m not a huge spender and I don’t go out to bars etc. My only outgoings are really on food, of which I like a lot. I realised I was spending too much, though, and finally cracked the whole adulting thing!


Pink Again!

Everyone sure did enjoy my pictures of newly pink’d hair. To be honest, me too. Pink it my fave colour for my hair and this bright shade really has made me happy. Of course, it won’t be forever but I’m enjoying it for now!


And there you have it. I actually had a hard time picking only a few posts because I enjoyed writing quite a lot of them. Ok, all of them. Despite this blog only being small I don’t mind because I write things I enjoy reading so…? Still, big plans for the new year and I hope you stick around/ subscribe to keep up with me!

I hope you all had a great Christmas and impending New Year.



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