Home away from home


What? Another post about Harrogate? Yes, I can’t help it so… just hang in there! Different posts are on the way, guys!

I think I have mentioned a fair few times how much I love the place; it really is like a second home to me. I feel comfortable there and people really enjoyed my pink hair; I mean, I got a LOT of remarks about it.

Places can be just locations, y’know? You can go to a town or city, wander around and then not think about it again. Then there are places that stick with you forever and they become special for a multitude of reasons, like a friend.

I’m lucky I am good at saving; it means I get to stay in damn nice apartments when I go but despite the different dwellings [literally a different apartment each year!] my routine is the same. Walk in, put bag down, check all the rooms, look out of the windows, open all the cupboards and then… somehow trash the place with all my stuff so the place looks like I’ve been living there for a million years?!

It’s always the same routine and I actually find comfort in it. I love settling in and feeling like I live there, even for a few nights. Because I’ve been so many times I can just nip to the shops or down to the bakery. I know where all the restaurants are and where the cinema is. I wander around with my boyfriend but I’ve also wandered around alone.

This is a little bit of a self serving post because I’m home now and I miss the town I cheat on my home town with but meh!

Do you ever feel like that? Do you have a certain place you love going back to or do you enjoy to go to different places?



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