Valley Gardens

Harrogate, in North Yorkshire, is one of my absolute favourite places to go. Me and my boyfriend go every year, splashing out on a cool apartment to stay in for a few days, just to wander around the town.

To be honest, it’s very similar to where we live but it’s slightly more up market and just has a different vibe. I could stay longer, every time!

Among our usual traditions when we go walking through the Valley Gardens is number one on my list. There’s always little things I didn’t see previously and always dogs running around which makes me so happy – I’m thinking of finding a place to stay next year which allows dogs so juno can come with us!

This year the best thing about the gardens is the little Japanese garden they’re working on. Through a little arch way the path leads around freshly planted bamboo and bushes with huuuge thorns. I can’t wait to see all the final touches and all the plants in full bloom in the summer. It really is just the loveliest park in all the land!



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