Is it winter yet? 

The answer to this is : of course! Rather than do an obligatory ‘hey it’s December’ post I wanted to do a ‘hey, it’s winter’ post because seasons and all the changing etc.

I was watching a weather report last week and, seemingly, because it was still November the weather forecaster was talking about autumnal weather when, in actual fact, this was the reality of the great outdoors. 

Frost. And lots of it. 

We keep having really wet, damp, days which lead into really cold mornings and black ice. I can’t tell you how many mornings I’ve slipped down the street, luckily never to the ground, but just skated along very ungracefully as a patch of the pavement turned into an anti gravity patch. I always laugh at myself when it happens, like a crazy person, and then feel embarrassed that people would have seen me. Not the falling part but the laughing!

Anyway, the weather man was obviously refusing to call the weather ‘wintery’ because it wasn’t yet December and it annoyed me somewhat. That someone would try to call frost autumnal is insulting to people who live for autumnal romance but hate winter and it’s cold,  balanced,  compliments that leave your cheeks red raw.

My car also resisted the reference to autumn because it was far too cold for the old battery. The damn thing died on me and I had to have it replaced which is… Lovely. Winter! Who asked for it? Not me!

Of course, those changing seasons wreak havoc on me. I always feel like seasonal changes make me feel like I need to make changes in my whole life : does anyone else feel that? My mind keeps sticking on one of my goals for this year; open my etsy shop. I’m just having a hard time convincing myself to do it in case it flops and then… What was the point? Maybe I’ll just put that project into hibernation until January?

If you sell things let me know what you think about this – is it better to just get things listed? I’m… Paranoid no one will enjoy my things?!



3 thoughts on “Is it winter yet? 

  1. It’s definitely Winter here too! ❄ I love how frosty your photos are. 💙
    The morning ice on the streets is so dangerous, I really don’t like it – the city where I live is on a hill, so a lot of the streets go up/down… It’s the perfect combination to get hurt.
    I’m curious, do you laugh because you find it funny you almost slipped or because you get nervous? I do tend to laugh when I get nervous and sometimes I get so uncomfortable as the situation is not laughable at all. 😳

    I think you should go ahead with your Etsy shop, there’s only one way to know if it works or not. If you never open the shop then you’ll never sell anything for sure. 😉 I feel with those things we should never assume it will have an instant response, if no one is buying in the beginning it doesn’t mean people don’t like it. Have you heard of the ‘Rule of Seven’? It says that people need to hear about your product at least seven times before they take action and buy from you. So it takes time for sure. Also it seems to me that people often try to sell to their family/friends/followers and those people are just not interested because they’re not the right target market for those products. Sales… such a complex topic! I have a few prints on a Society6 shop, but I’m the worst sales person ever…

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    1. Thanks for the advice! I think I’ll open it in January and just go for it! (I’m also terrible at selling!!). As for the laughing – it’s because I find it funny! I can’t help but laugh when people fall over, even if it’s myself!! 😂

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  2. I love this time of year! I just wish I lived a little father north where it snowed more. I love these pictures with the frosty leaves 🙂

    I definitely think you should go for it with the Etsy shop!

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