One month in // Arctic Fox Pink


It’s been a month already. Wow.

I’m really impatient when it comes to reviewing hair dye and always want to jump on the review-train as soon as my hair is shiny and new but this time I decided to actually wait to give a real verdict [yes, there was an older blog post about it but it wasn’t a real review]…

So? A month in and what do I think of my Arctic Fox Virgin Pink?

I still love it and it’s still vibrant, despite the fact I shower with the hottest water my body can handle. Yes, I try to turn it to a cooler setting on my hair but… I’m a wuss and it’s always some degree of hot. Never mind, eh? I have put a tiny bit of the dye into some conditioner a couple of times just to bump it up but all in all the colour is lasting!

You might not be able to tell from the pictures, really, but it’s fading more obviously at my hair line at the front [ignore my roots, my hair is growing like crazy right now!] but everywhere else seems even enough. I’m actually looking forward to seeing this fade MORE because I want it to go peachy. Not sure if that will happen but watch this space!



5 thoughts on “One month in // Arctic Fox Pink

  1. That’s such a pretty color! Funny, as I am reading this I currently have some Arctic Fox dye in my hair, mint green! I’ve used it before and it seemed to fade rather fast, but maybe that’s due to the shade. I’ll have to buy some other colors and see how they do.

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