You’ve got mail!


I opened my mailbox to a few treats this week! Sure, two of them I’d ordered myself but forgotten about… I mean, I actually forgot despite the fact I only ordered them a few days ago, and the other was a surprise snail mail postcard from the lovely Ines (who keeps one of my fave blogs Imonnet)!

The two packages are from Oh Gosh Cindy! one of my most coveted online stores. I’ve always wanted to buy stationary from her and I decided to treat myself to the entire Friends pack of Christmas cards. I’m not going to lie, guys. I’m not going to send these out, these are for me to look at and smile!

That being said, I always want to buy her cards to send to others because they’re so cool and cute I know they’d bring a smile to a lot of my friend’s faces! If you love watercolour and pop culture please check out her stuff!

With the postcard from Ines came a little polaroid which I LOVE! I will be setting up a picture board in my office soon and was going to pin a load of polaroids to it, so this will be one of the first! Thank you!!!

The little joy in life of getting mail from friends, instead of bills and junk mail, is the best and so here’s my Christmas call out for Snail Mail buddies!

If you want to get a Christmas card from me email me (prettythoughtfulblog [at] and I’ll send you one!




3 thoughts on “You’ve got mail!

  1. Haha! I’ve totally forgot about an order that I made and then have a moment of confusion when it shows up at my door. But it’s always great to be surprised! Those cards are too funny πŸ˜€


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