Fun with the dog!

What’s a blog post without fun shots of Juno, doing cute Juno things?

I took her out at the weekend, like I do every single say, but on this frosty morning she decided to act like it was her first time ever seeing the world – it was hilarious and I was that crazy person standing in the park laughing at my own dog.

The day was a crisp one, lingering frost on the grass that remained untouched by the winter’s sun, but it was dry and bright so we stayed out for a while.


Juno’s got to the point, in this park, where she doesn’t feel the need to follow me around anymore [they grow up so fast!] so, mostly, I stood still and watched as she leapt through the grass and chased dogs. Little snippets of the day taken up by happy dogs are what I live for!


She thunders around everywhere, so much so I’m sure her feet spend more time off the ground than on it. I know some of the pictures are rubbish because she’s literally a dot, but they make me happy – she’s sometimes really timid and, whilst she’ll snarf around near me [especially in this park], she doesn’t always go too far. This weekend she was so far away I could only see the tip of her tail! Some people might not like the idea of letting their dog disappear into the void but if she’s having fun I don’t mind. She always comes back… eventually!

What are your thoughts on letting your dog off the lead? Do you worry they’ll never return? Sometimes I hide from Juno just so she has to find me… is that mean? haha!




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