Crescent Moon Necklace

This post is sponsored by Ineffabless Jewelry



I was recently contacted by this website to do an honest review of their silver jewellery and I have been pleasantly surprised by the quality of the product! I will be honest, I wasn’t sure at first. I receive emails from companies that don’t seem quite legit and I’m picky about what kind of necklaces I wear, if any!

The one I selected was the most ‘me’, by way of it being a crescent moon and I’m a big hippy. From the images on the website I thought it was going to be too chunky and so when I opened the box, with a little help from Juno [did you notice?] I loved the fact it was so dainty!

The packaging is also nice; not just a box but this cute diamond shaped package which is black and sparkly. It was a nice treat for myself!

They have loads of different designs and types of jewellery so I would recommend having a look. No affiliate links, or anything – just a good old fashioned review!



*terrible photos at the moment. Getting a new camera soon… 



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