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I called this post ‘thrift store’ for all my American people but these three items are from local charity shops. The town I live in is full of charity shops and whilst you sometimes have to really LOOK for things these pieces jumped out at me right away.

First up; the striped jumper! It was £4 and a brand I’ve never heard of – Sweewe of Paris. The quality of the jumper is lovely. The fabric is heavy and a loose fit and exactly what I wanted. It was like it was waiting for me! I also love the slits on each side, it just adds an extra detail to a plain style.

The second item I got was an amazing cape/shawl/wrap/witches cloak. I mean… could I not be a Hogwarts teacher?! It was £6 and, whilst I don’t remember the brand [I’ll try to find out], it’s amazing. It looks so cool and elegant and, hopefully, I’ll wear it and look like an autumn warrior.

Lastly I found this Marks and Spencer’s trench coat, brand new, for £12. I remember looking to buy one of these last year for full price but not being sure about it. It’s lightweight but also keeps me warm which is amazing. Not waterproof, but what are you gonna do? It’s a stone/taupe colour so it kind of goes with most things and when is a trench not in style?!

Next I just need to find some winter boots! Wish me luck!

These items are all actually things I wanted for my minimalist wardrobe, which I’m slowly starting to build, and also tie in with my leave of absence from the fast fashion world!  If you want to read more about this kind of thing you can read a few of my old posts (linked) or why not visit The Good Shopping Guide’s post on Ethical Wardrobes?

Do you like shopping second hand?




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