My Skin Care

I’d just like to point out, from the off set, that this is obviously a post about my skin and so if you’re looking for help with your own this might be it but it also might not be!

I started having skin issues [dryness, spots etc] when I hit about 27. I’m 32 now so I’ve been in this phase of ‘bad skin’ for 5 years. I have always been lucky with my skin; I don’t go in the sun and I don’t wear a lot of products but, probably more importantly, I have good genetics when it comes to skin. My whole family has pretty decent complexions so I’ve never struggled with it growing up.

It was only when I got old[er] that it started to change. I have the usual hormone-chin, which plays up 3 out of 4 weeks a month but I also have the ‘stress’ zone in between my eyebrows – these are the places I get spots, anyway. I also started getting dryness on my forehead a few years ago which is fun!

I’ve never been one to use a lot of products – I don’t use foundation and I don’t go crazy with moisturiser. The better I eat the better my skin, generally, but these areas are wayward no matter what I do.

When I became vegan I didn’t notice a change in my skin because I’d already been a vegetarian. If it did change I couldn’t tell! I also drink about 2 litres of water a day so I’m kind of doing things ‘right’, if there is a right!

I don’t use soap on my face often – maybe once or twice a week but I did used to use face wipes religiously and eye make up remover every day. To say my eye lashes have thinned and the skin on my face has thinned is an understatement. I’m sure age has something to do with both of these things but I’m hardly that old so I started to wonder if it was these products – which I’ve used for a long time-  finally catching up with me.

I’d heard of other people using coconut oil for taking off make up and thought I’d give it a go. There are a lot of people out there both praising it and also saying it blocks pores and causes more spots. I’m one of the first people, I guess, but it’s because of my skin-type! Oil is oil; it’s not good for everyone’s situation!

I bought a pot of coconut oil a while ago and use it for cooking, sometimes, but a few months ago I started scooping it out [a tiny amount] and rubbing it all over my face and eye lashes to take off my makeup. Instead of using cotton wool and throwing it away [because I wanted to reduce my waste] I bought a flannel and I wipe the oil off with that, or a square of tissue paper.

From day one I noticed a change in my skin. I was waking up in the morning and I looked fresh and healthy. My eyes weren’t sore from left over eye make up remover and my chin was, if anything, less spotty. I’m a convert; I’ll never go back to chemicals to take my make up off again!

I do sometimes put MORE oil on my face before bed – I have a few broken capillaries and scars from old spots and so I use this oil before I get into bed; just patting Palmer’s oil on my head and chin before I go to sleep. It makes me feel like I’m doing something good for myself and my skin!
Finally, I have Thayers witch hazel & regularly use Lush toners which I use every few days, just to spritz my face if I feel like I need to take off any oil build ups; you know when you just feel like you need a pick me up?
With all of the above I only ever use water to wash my face and, if I need a scrub, I make my own with coconut oil and coffee or bi carb [a very small amount] to do a deeper clean or I use a good Lush one (like this Mask of Magniminty).



I honestly wake up these days and feel like my skin is going back to how it used to be. Sure, I wake up some days and my chin looks like a crime scene – ladies, you know what I mean! – but other than that, I’m one happy bunny!!

Give it a go if you’re looking to use more natural products!


ps. All links are affiliate links. You won’t be affected; I just might make some commission which would be nice, y’know?


3 thoughts on “My Skin Care

  1. It always surprises me when people have a super minimalist skincare regimen (my best friend has one too). Because I need to use all sorts of things just to avoid any major disasters, and to manage the little ones that pop up! I should do a blog post about it… (I’d insert the thinking emoji here, but I can’t as I’m on my computer, lol).

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