Try-day Friday

I recently found a super cool company called Dia & Co – a subscription service [in America] who will put together a box of clothes for you, based on your style. What you like you keep, what you don’t like you return. I mean… it sounds damn good to me!

Whilst I’m not subscribed to them [not sure if they ship to the UK] I still wanted to join in their Try-day Friday campaign.

Try-day Friday is their version of Bo-Po and I love it. They invite women to break out of their comfort zone every Friday. In their words:

How many times have you tried to create a fun outfit that is out of your comfort zone, only to get nervous at the last minute and change into a safer look?

It’s time to up our confidence and try new styles instead of the same go-to pieces.

Let’s face it – you have an outfit/item of clothing [or several] that you love but just don’t quite feel confident enough to wear out and about. Maybe you don’t, in which case I’m jealous! I am bo-po all the way but even I have days where I think ‘I can’t pull this off’.

Today I decided to challenge myself and I finally wore this dress from Heroesque:


Do I love it? Yes. Do I feel silly for not wearing it because I feel ‘fat’ or ‘not thin enough’? Yes. I hate the fact that this kind of thinking still creeps into my head even when I actually don’t care what other people think. Well, no more. I’m wearing this now and I’ll never not wear it again!

If you feel like joining in with this please do and tag me in your pictures!

Happy Try-day,




*this isn’t a paid blog post, thought it is an ad of sorts..!


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