A Very Etsy Halloween

Much like everyone else I LOVE Halloween. I don’t even love it for the parties, just for the vibe. Seeing people dressed up. The spooky snacks. Feeling like a witch the entire month of October. The decor. I want to swim in a pool filled with all of these things. It would hurt but I’d be happy.

It’s been a while since I’ve done any kind of wish list so here is a list of all the fun things I found on Etsy* recently which have made me happy and I want to buy… perhaps I will…

Halloween ring
I know it’s silly but I LOVE THIS! From RockCakes
Hocus Pocus Pin
I could not be more in love with this pin. I could build a whole collection around this pin. From TeesAndTankYouShop


mouse with pumpkin
WHY DON’T I OWN THIS ALREADY? Sadly this is sold out but check out all the others From  HappyMouses
Halloween mask
This mask is perfect – I’m a Slytherin, in case you were wondering. From GoblinsHoard
I will always have a lifelong obsession with halloween prosthetics. From prettygrimmFX
This headband glows in the dark. I’ve just realised the seller is local. IN LOVE. From JanineBasil
Ghost t-shirt
I’m pale enough to be… From IrekApparel
Witches be trippin
I love t-shirts so much. Witches are always trippin’… people with their brooms. From ByBellaRooCreations
Pumpkin t-shirt
Pumpkins are my spirit animal. From KoolstuffdesignsCo


Skeleton Dog
If I could get Juno to dress up…! From EllieEllieltd



Hope you enjoy this beauties. Some of them I think I’ll just HAVE to buy… I don’t think I can live without a tiny felt mouse any longer!!

Happy Halloween!


*Note; these are affiliate links. Nothing untoward is going on; just the usual! If you want to buy something I’ve linked I will get commission. Saving up for Christmas, guys! 😛


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