My Day Job

I don’t know about you, but I love to know more about the bloggers I follow. Particularly what they do during the day. Whilst I know some bloggers are able to make this into a full time job [whuuut?] there are many who just do this as a hobby [like lil’ ol’ me] and hearing about other people’s lives is a big interest of mine – I mean, that’s what blogging is all about, right?

So – my job.

I feel like it’s really important to discuss my previous education and jobs before I explain my current situation because context.

When I left school [after doing A levels] I decided not to go to Uni. I can’t remember if I’ve already blogged about my thoughts on university etc but, basically, I never wanted to go. Normal schooling as always been a struggle for me – I’m dyslexic and a visual learner so struggle with the book learning. I didn’t want any more book learning in my life and I went to work straight after school.

I didn’t stop learning stuff, though [I’ve done photography, make-up, dress making – not a book in sight!].

I have always been a technology nerd and for a long time I used to use the internet for all the cool things; being a moderator on a Harry Potter RPG website and making free graphics for people’s websites. I’ve always loved computer based art so figuring out photoshop and how websites work was play time for me. I never thought it would get me anywhere.

Flash forward 10 years of working in the same office and doing internet based projects on the side continuously [writing blogs, completing a distance-learning degree in English lit & language]. I needed a change and found a job doing digital marketing and design.

It’s a kind-of dream job; I’d always wanted to do it but never thought I had a chance as I wasn’t trained in any formal way; just through, y’know, life. So now my 9-5 is working in an office which allows dogs and making websites, looking at website stats, making graphics and re-working images… all the fun stuff.

So when I’m not working on my other dream career of becoming a published writer I’m working in a cool office where we listen to Huey Lewis and play with websites. I’d say I’m working 10 hour days, altogether, and for someone who has always struggled with her brain [I mean just write letters in the correct order, Sam!] this kind of mental stimulation is perfect? I’m currently on an upswing in life and it’s cool.

Let me know what your job is, if you work and blog, because I love knowing those things!


3 thoughts on “My Day Job

  1. I am a writer and published author, but I suppose my current job is wife and mother. My children are young and my husband has complex mental illness. I don’t think he could cope if I got an external job, because he works full time to support our family. My role is carer and general organiser, which works well. Your job sounds fun! ☺️

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