Drumming Circle


Last night [Monday the 2nd October] I went to my very first drumming circle. It was… different.

My friend recently found out there was a drumming circle in our town [which is totally up my street, figuratively and literally] which has been going for 5 years and so we decided we needed to go and explore this world. I didn’t take any pictures because it didn’t seem like the right thing to do, certainly not on my first go, so this is going to be a little wordy.

I was nervous and excited to go because I had no clue what it was going to entail. I know someone who goes to a drumming group and I figured it would be similar to that – where they go and drum a ‘song’ and learn different parts. The night was in no way like that and it wasn’t a bad thing!

I would say it was more of a group therapy session, if anything. We did some drumming, welcomed the elements, and did some guided meditation. We talked about spirits animals, spirit guides and trees/nature and it was totally up my street! It was so nice to meet a group of people who believed in a more holistic approach to life, rather than worrying about the commercialised ‘own everything’ life we’re taught to believe in growing up. The people in the group were open and honest people; we all shared why we were there and it was clear we all held this same vein of thought that we could meld back into nature and ignore the materialistic aspects of the world a little bit more. Which is a struggle, right?

The drumming was bad ass; both doing it – giving into the sound and adding to it without being self-conscious – and the listening to it and how it completely enveloped me.

The group isn’t for everyone. If you’re not into therapy, talking honestly about feelings and life, or alternative aspects of life I can imagine it would be uncomfortable. Even for me, who wants to learn more about holistic living, found it hard to listen to every now and again because I have the ingrained voice of society in my mind telling me ‘this can’t be real’. But it is. I really believe we make our own worlds; what we focus on can become a reality.

I understand if this is waaay too out there for some people but if you’re into therapy and self improvement I would recommend finding something similar. I’m going back next month for sure. Whilst I was there I felt a kinship to total strangers and I felt so relaxed afterwards… Real vibes, man!

If you’re interested in reading more about what I’m talking about the group website is here – it’s an interesting read.





2 thoughts on “Drumming Circle

  1. This sounds like an interesting experience! Every now and then a drum circle pops up downtown in my city. I’ve joined it once or twice, it was fun! But it was only drumming, no big discussions. That sounds like it could be fun though 🙂

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    1. It was a new experience, that’s for sure!! The discussion was so good, though! The meditation was amazing and the drumming was fuuun! I want to find a group that is JUST drumming, too, because I like to make loud noises 😂


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