Currently Enjoying

I’ve been bunkered down, recently; working on multiple projects which are keeping me B.U.S.Y, but that doesn’t mean I haven’t had time to enjoy little things here and there which have helped break up the monotony.

Here’s what I’ve currently been enjoying:

Re-reading Harry Potter – I try to do this every year and, mostly, around autumn/winter because… well, Hogwarts is perfect at this time of year! I have the first two illustrated books so I’ve been nose-deep in those recently and really taking my time because these illustrations are AMAZING.

Autumn dog walks – you should be keeping up with my dog, Juno, on Instagram because she’s having the best time at the moment! She loves running in the leaves and getting muddy and it seems more people are out with their dogs at this time of year so she’s always finding other doggies to chase [such as this adorable Staffordshire terrier who is the sweetest dog in the world]!

The Perfect Lipstick – I stole this from my sister, recently, because it’s the best and I had to have it. It’s by Lipstick Queen in the colour Frog Prince and it’s like a lip balm, lip stick hybrid. It looks green in the tube but when you put it on it changes colour and seems to be different on everyone? Magic! It’s my perfect natural pink/red and it stays on all day. 

Writing and editing – whilst writing and editing are what have been keeping me busy, recently, I’m actually enjoying them as part of my chill-out vibe at the moment. I go to a coffee shop at lunch and work on stuff and it makes me feel relaxed. I love writing in autumn with hot drinks and cozy sofas.

New Tarot Deck – I got this new tarot deck recently and I have been enjoying dipping into it, trying to learn what all the cards mean. The illustrations are heaven!

Cooking – I always cook. In fact, I cook from scratch 6 out of 7 nights a week [because it’s wrong to not get take-away food once a week] and I find it relaxing. This time of year, though? Even better because I can make soup and stew and all the good, warming, food with all the vegetables. I’m a pumpkin addict so I’ve already made two huge batches of pumpkin soup and I even made piri piri toasted pumpkin seeds. Next? I think I might make sugared cinnamon ones? Don’t try to stop me!


Hope you’re all enjoying the change of seasons and finding things to break up the day with things you enjoy, should you find yourself feeling bogged down by work!


ps. I’ve also been unplugging from computers/TV/phones for long periods of time when at home just to chill out and it’s a good feeling!



One thought on “Currently Enjoying

  1. Every time you post about your tarot cards I think, “hmm, maybe I should actually get to know the deck I’ve had for 8 years and never touched.” And then I promptly forget and move on with my life, lol.

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