Outfit of the Day // Getting Shirty


I have been looking for a shirt dress for AGES; it’s hard to find one that feels right, y’know?

I recently went to a local store for a closing down sale [I also got the tarot deck I’ve been longing for – post about that soon] and, miraculously, this dress was on the rack! 100% cotton, ethically sourced, and down from £100 to £35. It was meant to be!

It was only available in size large; which I generally wouldn’t get [I’m ‘plus’ sized, but still would usually only get a medium, go figure…] but I love the feel of it and the colours are my colours, for sure.

When I first put it on I thought it might be too big but I quickly came to realise it was the best. I think, if it were any smaller, I wouldn’t be able to wear it as a dress? It’s quite short, as it is, because people who make dresses don’t count on women being over 5 foot 5, or something? At 5″7 most dresses turn into mini-skirt-dresses.

I’ve teamed it with tights, because autumn is my favourite time to get my legs out – forget bare legs in summer, I want tights and lots of them. It also goes pretty great with my leather jacket and converse [not pictured], if I’m feeling casual. Which I always am. But I think I could put black pumps on and look a little smarter?

Anywho; I love this dress a lot! Hopefully, one day, I’ll take some actual good pictures for these sorts of posts? It’s hard to take them yourself!




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