Juno has her own Instagram!

That’s right, I finally did it.

I am always sharing pictures of Juno on this lil’ blog and on my own Instagram account and whilst I’m sure I’ll keep posting pictures of her I have been umming and ahhing over starting her own account for… well, 3 years.

Going by @junobonbuno [because there are a lot of Juno the Beagles – who knew?] she’s now on the internet and ready to get internet-famous… or just probably more followers than me, which is cool.

I never thought I’d be THAT person but I guess I follow a lot of other pet accounts so why not join the fun?

I’m actually pretty excited about it.

In celebration here is a list of a few of my fave pet accounts:


This little fella belongs to Kaylah [from The Dainty Squid] and all of his pictures make me laugh. He always has litter on his nose and his faces are hilarious!




Osiris is the friendliest dog I’ve ever seen! So much so, his best friends are rats. CUTE pictures, guys!





Belka is a cute Beagle. I follow a lot of Beagle accounts but he’s beautiful and I can’t not have him in this list!






Andrew takes beautiful photos but he also posts an ongoing series [and I’m pretty sure there’s a hard back book to boot] called Find Momo.

Momo is his Collie and he will literally sit anywhere, it seems. It’s kind of like a Where’s Wally [or Waldo for you Americans!] but with a cute dog!


Tuna is a Chiweeny with an overbite so, y’know, every picture is hilarious!





Bilbo… I’m not at all biased. I don’t know this dog. Never met him… OK, Bilbo is my boss’s dog and he’s VERY photogenic. He’s very cute and playful [See a previous post here] so I’d highly recommend following the account!



Shiro belongs to a Youtuber I’ve followed forever. When she got him I knew he’d feature in fabulous photos because Shawna has a great eye for photography. The pictures don’t disappoint! He’s a big ball of white fluff and he should host his own interior design show.



Wow, what a good looking dog… again, I don’t know this one… OK, that still sounds like a lie. It is. Shadow is Juno’s older brother. He’s hilariously energetic, loves jumping and playing with tennis balls and he has the biggest tongue in the family and, possibly, the world. [he also likes to sniff food out of people’s bags… He and Juno are very alike in that respect!]


Yes, I know they are mostly all dogs; I do actually follow cat, fox and hedgehog accounts but I’m a dog lady so…

If you follow cute animal accounts please leave links to them in the comments!




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