Walking in the woods // photo stream


There’s nothing more I love than taking the little pocket pup, Juno, up to what we locally call The Edge; it’s a huge wood where you can explore and run amok should the desire take you and it recently did.

I wanted to get a trip up there in before the leaves started to turn because summer in the woods is lovely; everyone is out walking, it’s dry, and the views from the outlooks are stunning with blue sky. I live outside of Manchester but from The Edge you can see the city, which is pretty cool.

Recently, whilst walking that damned dog, I realised that Juno doesn’t often go exploring off the beaten track; she always sticks to paths and never ventures into bushes etc, which I find strange but secretly I’m happy about it because it means she’s almost probably never going to run away! [if you have a Beagle, or I’m sure any dog, this is a constant fear!]

Whilst I’m glad I got the summer trip into the woods in I’m so excited to get back up there once autumn hits us fully because it’s like another world and I’m ready for it!


ps. does anyone else feel so relaxed amongst trees? I know they have forest bathing in Japan [look it up!] but all I need is a little cluster of trees and I feel so much more chilled!


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