Outfit of the day // BatSam

More pictures of me wearing stuff. Not sorry because I finally bought some stuff from my friend’s shop and I’m so excited about it!

Heroesque is an online store which sells clothes described as ‘urban and geeky’. Check all the boxes. I always browse the site because I love everything but I struggle to pick clothes  at the best of times and when there’s too many options… well, it’s taken me years to actually order (sorry, Ania!)

I bit the bullet and bought the bat jumper because I’ve been eying it up for a while now…



I know, my modelling skills are second to none. I’m great at setting shots up and making them tidy… I mean. Who has the time?

I bought a dress, too, which will be featured in a future blog post as I have yet to decide how to wear it but it’s delightful!

Don’t forget to *check out the store!


*not affiliated, just love it!


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