The Black Lake // photostream

We’ve had a bank holiday weekend this weekend and, for some reason, I decided each day would include an adventure.

This is the first of three photo stream posts… I can only apologise! (but  not really)

The Black Lake


The Black Lake











This place is called The Black Lake and it’s literally around the corner from me but I had never even heard of it until last year, let alone been. This weekend I decided to fix that and I’m glad I did.

It’s actually the place they found Lindow Man, which I knew about but didn’t know there was a park you could wander around. It’s immediately become a favourite local place and I’m going to walk there a few times a month. Juno gets to go off lead and there are so many paths for her to scamp down, plus, it’s a nice place for me, too! All the Heather and animals – apparently there are also lizards and voles and all sorts of creatures to find.

Hope you enjoy, and explore your own local areas!


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