Things I’ve been enjoying recently!

Just a little photostream of the good things recently.


It’s that time of the year where everything is reaching the peak of it’s growth from summer and we’re slipping towards Autumn. I always notice the flowers around where I live because there’s so much effort put into making sure the whole town is blooming [legit competitions on town prettiness] and I love stopping to snap pictures; even on the side of the road, looking like a crazy person!


Trees for life! All the time! So many of them are green AF but there’s a road I walk down which is perpetually autumnal and I enjoy it, even if I don’t understand it.

sushiJuno the beagleflowers

I’ve been eating some GOOD food, recently. Sushi, in particular! There’s a cool little place just down the road from my flat which does amazing sushi and I’ve spent a lot of money there recently… I’ve also been chilling in my local coffee shop with Juno a lot, recently, doing work and writing and it feels good. What also feels good? Being gifted a bunch of flowers by a neighbour.

Juno the beaglecoconut waterMonkee Genes

I’m still unsure on what colour to paint my living room. It’s a tough decision… if only I was as confident with wall paint as I was with colouring my hair! I’ve gone lavender, and love it, and am currently loving the coconut water treatment. My little collab with Monkee Genes has also made me happy, of late. It’s my first ‘real’ work with a company [I didn’t get paid, FYI] and I’m glad I asked for the opportunity.

Hope you’re enjoying things at the moment, too!



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