Monkee Genes // Ethical Clothing

What with my change over to trying my hardest to only buy ethical clothes from now on [read about fast fashion here] I recently had to delve into every woman’s nightmare; buying new jeans. Except, not just buying jeans but finding a company who is not only ethically-minded but also sells GOOD jeans which fit… It was stressful. [I know, first world problems, but I’m pretty sure every single woman has this problem!].

After some research I found Monkee Genes – a UK based company who decided to stop wasting time with jeans made by companies who waste resources, employee cheap labour and contribute to slavery around the globe [yes, it still exists, yes most fast fashion companies are involved]. Instead, Monkee Genes ensure the people making their clothes are paid a living wage, the fabrics are sourced sustainably and made WELL.


I was impressed. My first venture into their denim, though, wasn’t a dream. I bought two pairs of UK size 14 in their sale and was sad to find they didn’t go anywhere near me – I would have said they were more like a size 12. It was sad. Not because I felt bad about not fitting [jeans=difficult to break in] but because I’d found yet another store who didn’t know how to stick to calling their sizes what they actually are!

I reached out to them and told them – they were honest in their response; the jeans I’d picked have little to no stretch. I’m not saddened by that – My butt, thighs, tummy, need some stretch in the fabric! I returned them and bought 1 pair of their Organic Flex Classic Skinny Jeans.

Monkee Genes_20170819_144518_20170819_144555

And… I like them. Quite a lot, actually. The material is lovely and I don’t need to wiggle to get into them [come on, you know what I’m talking about]. The only thing I’d say which is negative is they aren’t skinny enough at the ankle. Now, I have strangely small ankles so maybe it’s that they don’t cater to my thigh to ankle ratio, but I might take them in a little, we’ll see!

Because I loved them so much I got in touch with them to ask for some promo info for you guys – they didn’t send me any discounts [sorry] but they did send me this cool t-shirt to show you! I have never in my life had such a soft t-shirt, you guys. It’s SO nice and it’s the perfect fit . I can’t wait to buy more from them!

Monkee Genes_20170819_144718Monkee Genes_20170819_144217

Hope you check them out, if you’re in the market for investing in good quality with no ethically icky stuff!


ps. I hope you enjoy the butt picture and my new hair.


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