WIP -Doodling!

I’m a doodler. I’d never call myself an artist but I can doodle the hell out of a pad.

Last year I took part in Inktober [and I’m looking forward to that again this year!] and got my drawing hat back on after a long period of not really drawing that much. Since then I’ve been doodling and drawing on and off with great success. To the point I am going to start selling some postcard-sized pictures on Etsy. Nothing fancy, mind. It is just for the sake of doing something with them!

Sadly, I recently lost the ability to draw. It has been horrendous. And when I say lost the ability it’s like knowing one day you can tie your shoelaces and the next day not even being able to figure out how to do the first loop.

I took my sketch pad to the coffee shop at the weekend just for some doodling time and, thankfully, I think it paid off to just get out of the house and draw elsewhere. I don’t know if you know this but being not at home really helps you just get out of your own way sometimes!

So I figured I’d share some of my current works in progress [WIP] for the sake of fun times.

*Disclaimer; No, I don’t think I’m fab at drawing but I’m OK and that’s enough for me!


Wizard of OzPsychoDoodles and eyesDeckardIndiana JonesLeonDoodleBack to the future


I need to get back to working on these just to get them finished; some just need fully inking, some need editing and some just need finished, full stop. There are also a fair few in my book which are random non-real-people doodles which won’t be used for anything other than my desire to draw random faces.

In case you didn’t realise I tend to favour film/TV related pictures because… well, life. I also LOVE ink and favour it over pencil and paint because simplicity is sometimes nice.

Do you have a hobby you wish you could spend more time on? Let me know in the comments!




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