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I have recently signed up to Amazon Associates which is a way for bloggers to make commission by linking products – we get money if you click through and make a purchase – you, in no way, are affected by this bar the usual cookie dilemma!

I know it can sometimes seem skeezy – how dare bloggers make money from their pastime, right? Yeah… sadly, trying to make money [from fun things] is the goal for a lot of people [including yours truly] so you kind of have to deal with it… in the nicest way possible!

Let me start off by saying ALL posts will be marked at the start and I have a disclaimer on my affiliates page and may I also say that I will only ever [probably] use it as part of a personal reviewing system – so I’ll only be telling you about things I’ve personally bought!

I wanted to make this a full post, rather than letting people figure it out for themselves, in the hopes that it will encourage you to support me, financially, whilst I am supporting you by sharing great products I’ve found with potentially good prices!

Now… the whole thing with Amazon is a little tricky for me. I don’t like to dismiss smaller companies and local businesses by shopping online. That being said there are certain products I buy online because I can’t often find them locally!

Sometimes you have to make allowances, y’know?

With all this being said and getting it out in the open I hope that, should you stumble upon anything I link in my blog, you find something you really like!



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