Love your local libraries!

I’m a big reader! I sometimes go through phases of not reading stuff but it’s rare and I always feel awful about it so I made a vow to myself to always be reading… again.

I have to be honest – I have always loved our local library but I have hardly ever used it. I’m a bit of a book addict and usually buy all the books I want. The only problem with that is once you move into a smaller house you don’t have the space… suffice to say I have a lot of books in boxes, which is unfair. More on that later!

I have started to delve into my local library and I love it so much! You may wonder why it’s important to use the library instead of buying books [which is valid, too] so pull up a chair!

Libraries are, sadly, getting their funding cut by the government all the time. More and more close or are staffed by volunteers [or else people who have to earn less than the living wage – trust me, I almost applied for a job last year but it wasn’t realistic for any adult to live on]. It’s really sad but, the truth is, it’s because our culture is all about buying things.

Think back to when you were a kid – did you go to the library with school? Did you pick out a book and learn you loved getting lost in another world? Did you learn stuff? Books are damn important – especially to kids… and those young at heart [and the rest of you, but shhh] and if libraries close there may be kids left without the means to figure out they love books. To me that’s a sad world to live in.

Libraries also have a huge place in a community. They hold events, signings, encourage education and they help authors make money! If you’ve ever been into your local library or even been on their website you might see that they are always doing things – some even have computers, scanners & printers for those who don’t have them at home [you may snigger at that but not everyone is fortunate enough to own these things]. I recently learnt  you can gain free access to ancestry programmes to do your family tree – for free! Um – hello? Cool!

So if you have one – use it! Sorry if this post comes off a little preachy but I love libraries and you should too!

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I’m always Instagramming the books I’m reading so follow me over there to keep up with my library reading list. I’m also not saying never buy books – I still buy books all the time [I’m even affiliated with Waterstones and Book Depository – see affiliates page or the right hand side of the blog] but now I’m more selective about which ones I buy and which ones I want to borrow!


Let me know your thoughts – do you think libraries are redundant or are you a fan?


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